Walter Scott Shooting: No Warrant Over Child Support, Report Says –

Walter Scott was nearly $7,500 behind in child support payments at the time he was fatally shot by a South Carolina police officer — but no bench warrant had been issued for him, according to court records cited by The Associated Press.

With court fees added, Scott, 50, owed more than $7,800. Records cited by the AP show that he last paid child support in July 2012. But there was no bench warrant ordering police officers to bring him in to face a family court judge.

Scott had been behind bars three times over child support. In 2008, following a traffic stop in which he was charged with an open-container violation and driving under suspension, he was sent to jail in Charleston for half a year for failing to pay around $6,800, according to the AP.

In 2011, bench warrants ordered deputies to bring in Scott, and he spent a night in jail when he was $7,500 behind. In 2012, he spent another night in jail when he owed $3,500, the AP reported.

Family members have said he may have run from Saturday’s traffic stop because he feared going back to jail over more back child support. A police dashboard camera video released Thursday shows Scott running from his car after he was pulled over by Officer Michael Slager.

— NBC News Staff with The Associated Press
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