UN appeals for immediate release of US $ 415 million for Nepal – E Kantipur


The United Nations and humanitarian partners on Wednesday made an urgent appeal to member states for 415 million US dollars needed to provide vital relief to the victims of the destructive earthquake which rattled Nepal on Saturday at 11:56 am.

The UN issued the appeal from Kathmandu, Geneva and New York simultaneously, urging all the countries affiliated with the UN for immediate funding needed to contain the crisis from spiraling out of control.

At a press conference held at the UN House at Pulchowk, UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Nepal Jamie McGoldrick stressed the need for standard tents, emergency health service, medicines and clean drinking water as compulsory for at least half a million people forced to live under the open sky since Saturday.

The assistance is needed for implementation of the joint action plan, outlined in the Flash Appeal document, which aims to support the government’s efforts in addressing a range of most critical needs that include shelter, water and sanitation, emergency health, food and protection, over the next three months.

The plan includes providing emergency shelter to 500,000 people, safe drinking water and sanitation facilities for up to 4.2 million people, food assistance to up to 1.4 million people and at least 750,000 people affected in the inaccessible areas of the country. It is also stated that some 2.1 million children and 525,000 women will benefit from the grant.

“The timing o the interventions remains of the essence,” said McGoldrick, adding, “although I am heartened and encouraged by the progress of the response to date, efforts need to be maintained and stepped up to ensure vital assistance reaches all the affected, especially those in the remote areas.”

A sum of 15 million US dollars has already been made available from the UN Central Emergency Response Fund to jump-start the humanitarian activities on the ground.

McGoldrick called for immediate response from the member countries citing the deteriorating weather conditions with fast approaching monsoon likely to aggravate the logistical challenge facing the rescue and relief workers.

A total of 5,006 people are confirmed dead as of Wednesday noon, with the number expected to surge while 10,194 people have been injured in the earthquake followed by relentless powerful aftershocks. RSS



Posted on: 2015-04-29 09:54